Risk Management

We engage you and walk with you to identify the various risks that threaten the growth and sustainability of your company. We help you to find the better and most efficient and effective way to manage these risks.

We design a risk appetite for you and also train your staff on how to identify and mitigate risks associated with their work.

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We have realised that, innovation is a key fundamental tool and growth strategy. To penetrate new market and or to increase the existing market share, innovation could be the best strategy. Furthermore, innovation also provide the company with a competitive edge over other rival companies. Globalization and technological advancement has increased competition among both local and international companies and this has motivated companies to grasp the significance of innovation.

We conduct business analysis and help you to identify the innovative strategies you can adopt to have a competitive edge over rival companies and sustain your growth.


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We also undertake training for staff of institutions or companies on risk management.


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Our customers are assured of receiving the best of service.


Our customer receive a timely delivery of services


Our employees are the best trained and deliver the best.


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Frequently Asked Questions?

What are some of the basic terms and conditions under life Assurance policies?

Waiting Period:
A waiting period refers to the time an insured must wait before some or all of their coverage comes into effect. Only when the waiting period has passed can the insured have a right to file a claim for the benefits of the insurance policy.

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Why is insurance for private commercial properties compulsory?

The Insurance Act, 2006 (Act 724) Section 183 and 184 have made it compulsory for all owners and/occupiers of Private Commercial Buildings and even buildings under construction to obtain the Fire Insurance Policy. As a country, we have experienced some fire incidents which have taken our family and properties away from us. We can all remember the Melcom disaster at Achimota in Accra. There was another tragedy at the Fuel filling station around circle in Greater Accra. The recent yearly flood we are experiencing and the yearly fire in most of the market centers in the big commercial cities have become rituals. These incidents take away our lives and properties.

What documentations do I need to make a motor claim?

A summary of the documents and information required to make a claim is summarized.
1- Information And Documentation To Be Submitted By The Victim
The victim of motor Accident shall, at the request of the insurer, provide information on the following:
– Surname and other names
– Date and place of birth
– Profession or occupation and employer’s address (If any)

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How long does it take for an insurance claim to be paid?

The National Insurance Commission have published the claims payment guidelines for non-life insurance companies. Going through this guidelines, it is not supposed to take an insurance company more than a month to pay a legitimate claim after all necessary documents are submitted and claim is admissible.

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