What documentations do I need to make a motor claim?

What documentations do I need to make a motor claim?

A summary of the documents and information required to make a claim is summarized.

  • Information And Documentation To Be Submitted By The Victim

The victim of motor Accident shall, at the request of the insurer, provide information on the following:

  • Surname and other names
  • Date and place of birth
  • Profession or occupation and employer’s address (If any)
  • Income and relevant documents in proof of income, where necessary
  • Particulars of dependent(s) at the time of accident (if any)
  • The victim’s contact address and phone number
  • The Following Documents Shall, Among Others, Be Produced At The Request Of The Request Of The Insurer:
  • Any identity card of the victim
  • Two (2) passport size photographs endorsed by the attending medical officer
  • Birth certificate (If any)
  • Marriage Certificate (if any) or any other proof of marital status
  • Medical report
  • Police Accidental Report
  • Medical Bills / Receipts
  • Other expenses
  • Statutory Declaration
  • Information And Documentation To Be Submitted Claimant(s) Other Than The Victim:
  • Surname and other names of the claimants
  • Date and place of birth of the claimant(s)
  • Surname and other names of the victim
  • Relationship with the victim
  • Profession or occupation of the claimant(s) and employer’s address (if any)
  • A description of injuries sustained, financial loss incurred and any documents in support
  • All relevant documents as requested under section 5(1) and (2) above.
  • Claimant(s) contact address and phone number
  • Two (2) passport size photographs each of the claimant(s) and in the case of a minor the photographs of the next friend
  • Identity card of the claimant(s)
  • In Respect Of Death Claims, Claimants (S) Shall Be Required Among Others To Provide The Following Documents:
  • Death Certificate of the Victim or Burial Permit or Post Mortem Report
  • Letters of Administration or proof of probate or Registrars Certificate
  • Any identity card of claimant(s)
  • Relationship with the victim and identity cards of the beneficiaries
  • Two (2) passport size photographs of the Administrators(2)/claimant(2)
  • For the rural dwellers who may not be able to provide the above documents, a report from the chief or religious leader and statutory declaration, can be provided.

It is significant to note that a typical claim form should be design in a manner to elicit all the required information as stated above.


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